5706 consecutive days of art in 1 minute

Based on beeple's prolific art creation.

First things first, I need to do the necessary fiddly work of finding a simple structure that makes the URL work simply by /1, /2, etc. I think that's going to be important in the long run for finding stuff.

Okay just deployed, structure is good now.

Maybe I should move these to footnotes.

So... is there some coding already required here? How do I write text but keep them collapsed? A collapsible component would work for sure.

But before building, let's just be clear on why I think it'd be good to be able to embed notes this close to the day's project itself:

Okay collapsible, done. I'll probably reuse this in the following pieces. Now on to doing something for fun.

The timing calculations were super off... I thought it'd be much easier than it turned out. I think I'm missing a variable or misinterpretating the meaning of one of them. Ended up getting to roughly 1 minute of painting by trial and error of tweaking numbers assigned to some variables. Whatever, it works.